FC FAST adds 06' and 07' Age Pure teams

January 28, 2016 - 4:51 PM

FC FAST is pleased to announce that we are adding two new age pure teams.  Our 2006 Age Pure team will be coached by Alberto Carbajal and Colin Roberts and compete on Sundays in the United Academy League.  Our 2007 Age Pure team will be coached by Paul Donaghy and Matt Gruber and compete on Saturdays in the United Academy League.

Both these teams will be part of the club's movement to all Age Pure teams in the fall.  FC FAST expects a minimum of two 2006 Age Pure teams this fall, at least four 2007 Age Pure teams to compliment our Age Pure Teams at the 2008-2010 age groups.

For more information on FC FAST, please check out www.fcfastsoccer.com